Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a culture for our lab, which have cultivated through all these years.

All our activities are based on four pillars: environment, human, life-long learning and society.


In our lab we have applied a materials recycling program for all our activities. Our endeavors aim towards the promotion of bio-compatible materials that are friendly towards humans and environment. We cooperate with material manufacturers that have the same culture.

Life-long Learning

Life-long learning is an important tool not only in personal but also in professional progress. We aim at the realization of educational activities either inside or outside our lab. In our lab we accept students from all dental schools in order to help them enrich their knowledge within the framework of their internship. In conclusion, we support the Faculty of Dentistry of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki not only at an experimental but at a financial level as well.


In order to acknowledge the value of our personnel we organize First Aid seminars as well as seminars on dental and social matters.


Our lab supports ELEPAP financially as we acknowledge their contribution to society. In conclusion, we believe that volunteerism is our obligation and as a result we support the Voluntary Rescue Squad.

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